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Let’s face the future challenges together to achieve an everlasting bright future We collaborate with clients to construct customized portfolios with an objective and solution focused approach.
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Excelerate Fund Management Limited, is a global asset manager providing comprehensive asset management services for professional investors worldwide, offering innovative investment solutions to meet the financial needs of clients.

We encourage innovative and focused approaches for generating investment performance, embracing diverse range of investment ideas, philosophies and approaches across asset classes and styles.


We provide distinctive models towards your desired performance

Excelerate Global Multi Asset Strategy

Excelerate Gold Alpha Strategy

Excelerate FX Alpha strategy

Excelerate Fixed Income Strategy

Excelerate Property Strategy

A mixed portfolio suitable for asset management clients who use this strategy to diversify their investment in different asset class.

A quantum model which was developed by an Australian CTA trader who has almost 15-year experience in CTA trading.

Managed by experienced Australian FX hedge fund managers who has a combined of 30-year experience in interbank FX trading and running FX hedge fund.

Run by an Ex-interbank FX trader who has almost 30 years trading experience in secondary financial market.

We have successfully funded multiple developments and are looking to actively expand along the East Coast of Australia.

We always work with a great team

Our senior investment professionals have worldwide direct investment experience particularly in financial products such as Forex, equity, derivatives, fixed income, credit, structured products.


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