Our People


We draw on our global network to assemble a team of experts.

We also bring a strong interest in coaching and capability building, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and effective stakeholder relationships.

Zenith C. H. Choi

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Choi is the Chief Executive Officer and Responsible Officer of Excelerate Fund Management Limited (EXFM). He has over 30 years of in-depth knowledge and practical experiences in a wide range of financial products such as equities, fixed income, FX, various type of derivatives products, structured products, wealth management, and asset management business. With Mr Choi incomparable investment technique and foresight, he managed a sizable investment portfolio of over US$200million with exceptional return when he was in Credit Suisse AG Bank.

He has an extensive experience and strong network in the industry and has held senior positions at leading & renowned global financial institutions in Asia such as the Standard Chartered Bank, DBS Bank, RBS Coutts Bank and Credit Suisse AG Bank. Apart from the investment experience, Mr. Choi also has management experience by leading a team of expertise in Fubon Bank, RBS Coutts Bank and Prince Fund Management Limited. Mr. Choi expertise in the financial market is diversified and incomparable.

Mr. Choi is a Full Member of Treasury Markets Association, and holds Type 9 asset management license. He has approvals from the Asset Management Association of China and was awarded Bachelor of Business from the Victoria University in Australia.

Catherine S. M. Fung

Chief Compliance Officer

Ms. Fung is the Compliance Officer and Chief Financial Officer of EXFM. She has over 18 years of extensive experiences in corporate finance, including initial public offering, mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory for listed companies, investment advisory for private equities fund and fund raising for private entities. Ms. Fung held senior positions in big five accounting firms including Grant Thornton and Ernst & Young and was a founder of a corporate finance company in Hong Kong.

She was also the Investment Director of LDC, the private equity arm of Lloyds Bank in the United Kingdom, which was focused on potential projects in China. Ms. Fung had also spent a number of years in setting up a venture with 100 staff in Shanghai, China and was subsequently acquired by a listed company in Hong Kong. Besides her extensive experiences in corporate finance, she was also the deputy compliance officer and financial officer of Prince Fund Management Limited, a Type 9 licensed company for not less than 3 years.

She was a licensed Type 6 financial advisor by the SFC and was also trained as an accountant in Ernst & Young. She was graduated in Bachelor of Finance degree in The University of Manchester, England and was also awarded the Bachelor of Law degree from The University of London, England.

Matthew R. Harper

Chief Investment Officer,
Global Macro

Mr Harper is the Chief Investment Officer and Responsible Officer of EXFM. He is one of the most experienced Australian dollar and G10 currency traders in the world who has over 30 years of foreign exchange trading expertise. He ran the trading floor for Japanese, English and US investment banks for over 10 years. He was the No.1 money earner for NatWest Bank in Asia and executed billion dollar deals for George Soros in early 2000. In 2002, he partnered with ex-Prime Minister Turnbull to commence his fund management business in trading currencies and indices under a global macro theme. In 2006, he conceived the FX trading strategy for Excalibur Fund and was the 1st FX only fund in Australia creating a 7-year track record. The fund has reached US$275 million AUM and its strategy was awarded the Finalist in the Australian and Asian Hedge Fund Awards in 2008-2013.  Excalibur Fund produced an uncorrelated, superior risk adjusted return with consistently low volatility and generated an average net return of  10% for over 7 years during varying market conditions.

Mr Harper hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree from UNSW and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia. He was previously a member of US National Futures Association (NFA) and a Responsible Officer for ASIC AFSL (Australian Financial Services License) for over 10 years.  He currently hold a Type 9 Asset Management licence in Hong Kong.

Ernest Song

Chief Investment Officer,
Global Securities,
Responsible Officer

Mr. Song is the Chief Investment Officer, Global Securities and Responsible Officer of EXFM. He has over 18 years’ experience in financial services industry including equity research, investment banking and asset management, gained from reputable financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley, Daiwa Securities, Fubon Securities USA, as well as a Hong Kong-based family office.

He holds Type 9 Asset Management RO license. He is currently a CFA Charter Holder and a member of CFA Society Hong Kong. He earned MBA with Honor from UCLA Anderson School in Los Angeles and Master of Economics and BS from Fudan University in Shanghai.

Raymond W. M. Pao

Chief Investment Officer,
Private Equity

Mr. Pao is the Chief Investment Officer in private equities. He has over 25 years of experience in the financial field, He spent most of his time in global investment bank trading desk in macro trading such as FX, Interest Rates, Derivatives, Options and Futures. He held senior positions and managed sizable teams in various reputable investment banks in the industry. He was the Executive Director of Goldman Sachs in 2008 to 2013, Vice President in AIG Hong Kong and Tokyo office in 1997 to 2007 and Executive Director in Beijing Gao Hua Securities. His was responsible to set up proprietary trading desk in KGI in 2013 to 2015. He then started his own private equity business since 2015.

Mr Pao is holding a Type 9 Asset Management license and he was graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada with Applied Science Degree.

Curt A. Gossow

Chief Portfolio Manager

Mr. Gossow is the Portfolio Manager for EXFM. He brings a wealth of knowledge on a strategic & quantitative level with over 15 years’ experience in the financial markets. He began his investment career with ING Direct in the treasury as a Money Market Dealer, where he was responsible for dealing $300 million on a daily basis through issuing Bonds, Swaps as well as Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) to name a few. He was also accountable for forecasting the banks’ balance sheet.

Succeeding this he was Chief Investment Strategist at Rubic Capital, which consulted to hedge funds on quantitative products and strategies. He spent his time designing algorithms that searched for alpha in the markets through a heavily econometric, statistical or machine-learning methodology.

Afterwards he was appointed Chief Investment Officer at 8Point Asset Management where he designed the trading model of their investment product from the ground up. He was in charge of making asset allocation decisions based on the desired risk management profile of the strategy as well as monitoring the performance and ongoing modelling adjustments. Subsequently its strategy was awarded the Finalist in the AsianHedge Awards 2019, Best Emerging Manager.

Elton K. Y. Man

Chief Risk Consultant

Mr. Man is the Chief Risk Consultant of EXFM. He has been involved in the investment and financial industries for over 40 years and has extensive experience in securities, bullion, foreign exchange, futures and option trading. Mr. Man has held various senior positions with prominent banks, international financial institutions and listing companies in Hong Kong. He was responsible for different functions including Dealing, Hedging and Arbitrage, Operation, Risk Management, Asset Management, e-business and Financial Information.

Mr. Man has good experience in managing and supervising Regulated Activities in Hong Kong. He has been a Responsible Officer for Regulated Activities Type 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 9. Mr. Man holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has been an independent non-executive director of the following Licensed Corporations namely Get Nice Holdings Limited (stock code: 64) since 3 October 2005, Tradego Fintech Limited (stock code 8018) since 29 August 2018, they are companies listed in HKEX.